LOTTO RESULT Today May 22, 2023

LOTTO RESULT Today May 22, 2023 – The PCSO lotto result today for 6/42, 6/45, 6/49, 6/55, 6/58, Swertres (3D), EZ2 (2D) and STL at 2PM, 5PM and 9PM draws!

This page contains the summary of PCSO lotto result today including the latest jackpot prize and the number of winners summary.


LOTTO RESULT Today May 22, 2023

Here is the lotto result today announced by PCSO:

Ez2 Result

2PM: 24-25
5PM: 09-28
9PM: 20-07

Swertres Result

2PM: 9-9-7
5PM: 2-7-1
9PM: 1-6-6

4D Lotto Result

9PM: 5-8-1-5
In exact order

6/45 Lotto Result

9PM: 31-33-22-43-40-19
Jackpot: Php 17,256,473.40
Winning numbers in any order

6/55 Lotto Result

9PM: 28-32-12-09-18-50
Jackpot: Php 29,700,000.00
Winning numbers in any order

Aside from the lotto result today 6/49, 6/42, and 6/58 Lotto, PCSO also holds three other multi-million lottery draws. These are the 6/58, 6/49, and 6/42 Lotto.

Lotto players can check the minor prizes and summary for these games here: 6/55 Lotto Result and 6/45 Lotto Result.

LOTTO RESULT Today May 22, 2023

The following table contains the updated lotto jackpot winners summary today.

(in any order)
Jackpot Prize
Source: Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office(PCSO)

Source: Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO)

The Minimum jackpot prize of PCSO Lotto:

  • Lotto 6/42 is drawn on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays and has an initial jackpot prize of Php6,000,000.00.
  • Mega 6/45 is drawn on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays with the initial jackpot prize of Php9,000,000.00.
  • Super 6/49, which has an initial jackpot prize of Php16,000,000.00, is drawn on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.
  • Grand 6/55 is drawn every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday with the initial jackpot prize of Php30,000,000.00.
  • Ultra 6/58 is drawn on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays with Php50,000,000.00 as the initial jackpot prize.

The main products of the PCSO are sweepstakes and lottery games. The Sweepstakes game has steadily been evolving through the years to be able to confirm with the changing times, to keep the game interesting to all Sweepstakes enthusiasts and to hopefully attract more clients, and to maintain a variety of Sweepstakes products readily available in the market.

PCSO reminds all lotto players:

  • Players must buy their tickets on or before this cut-off to join tonight’s draw.
  • PCSO likewise employs a pari-mutuel system in determining the prize to be won by each winner.
  • PCSO Agents or authorized outlets receive a 1% commission whenever a winning ticket is bought from them.
  • Lastly, the TRAIN law requires PCSO to deduct 20% tax from lotto winnings above 10,000.00 pesos.

PCSO New Betting protocols amid COVID-19 pandemic

  1. No facemask, no bet.
  2. Strictly observe social distancing. Maintain a one-meter distance from other persons in the lotto outlet.
  3. Bring your own pen to stop cross-contamination. Use hand sanitizers. The alcohol station is provided by the lotto outlet.
  4. Place your payment in the money tray provided by the lotto agent.
  5. Throw your used payslips in the trashcan.
  6. Wash your hands with soap and water upon arriving home from the lotto outlet.

PCSO Lotto Games New Draw Schedule

Lotto Games:

  • Ultra Lotto 6/58 – Tuesday, Friday and Sunday at 9PM
  • Grand Lotto 6/55 – Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 9PM
  • Super Lotto 6/49 – Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 9PM
  • Mega Lotto 6/45 – Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9PM
  • Lotto 6/42 – Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 9PM

Digit Games:

  • 3D Lotto – Monday to Sunday at 2PM, 5PM and 9PM
  • 2D Lotto – Monday to Sunday at 2PM, 5PM and 9PM
  • 6D Lotto – Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 9PM
  • 4D Lotto – Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9PM

STL Lotto Games:

  • Pares, Swer3 & Swer2 – Monday to Sunday for Visayas and Mindanao at 10:30AM, 3PM and 7PM
  • Swer4 – Monday to Sunday for Mindanao area at 8PM

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